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A Personalized Approach to Vision Care

At Oxford Optometry, we believe in a personalized holistic approach to vision care. Our team offers individualized treatment through vision therapy to help our patients overcome visual issues such as strabismus (crossed eyes) and amblyopia (lazy eye).

Contact us to schedule an appointment and begin your personalized vision therapy program today.

What Is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is an individualized treatment program that your doctor prescribes that involves visual tasks and exercises that are practiced daily. Vision therapy is designed to help our patients learn, relearn, and reinforce specific visual skills. 

These visual skills can include: 

  • Eye movement accuracy
  • Focusing control
  • Eye coordination

Visual skills develop as we grow, and vision therapy can help improve stunted growth or a lack of development. Our team will prepare individual plans personalized to your specific visual needs to help improve your visual skills.

Vision therapy is designed to help our patients see more clearly, efficiently, and comfortably. Your plan will consist of different exercises to be practiced daily with the goal of enhancing vision through coordination, strengthening, improving eye movement, and straightening eye alignment.

Your program will depend on your vision goals and what visual skills you may be lacking. Depending on your vision condition, vision therapy can immensely affect your lifestyle positively to help you overcome the visual issues you may be dealing with.

Visit us to explore your vision therapy options and find the right program for you.

Get Started on Your Vision Therapy Program

At Oxford Optometry, we want you to feel your best and know that visual health is a window to the rest of your body. Vision therapy can not only help polish critical visual skills but can be essential to improving overall health.

Contact us to schedule an appointment and get started on your vision therapy journey today.

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You can find our office around the corner from the Rexall on Dundas Street. There is free parking right next to the building. If you have any trouble finding us, give us a call!

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  • 716 Dundas St.
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