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Prioritizing Your Safety

At Oxford Optometry, we know that eye emergencies can happen at any moment with little to no warning. Our team understands that eye health is essential to preserve, and we assess, diagnose, and treat your eye emergencies.

If you experience an eye emergency, contact an urgent care department immediately. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have about eye care emergencies and get you the help you need efficiently.

Being Ready for Eye Emergencies

Eye emergencies can range from surface injuries to infections, including chemical injuries, foreign objects in the eye, punctures and scratches, and sudden flashes and floaters.

Common eye emergency signs and symptoms can include: 

  • Bleeding from the eye
  • New or severe headaches
  • Eye bulging
  • Sudden loss of vision
  • Double vision
  • Light sensitivity

These symptoms can vary and if you experience any sort of eye emergency, it’s essential to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Approaching Different Types of Eye Emergencies

Exploring and understanding the different types of eye emergencies can help our patients manage their emergency in the moment before being able to visit us for emergency treatment. 

Flashes & Floaters

A sudden onset of flashes and floaters can indicate something is wrong with your eyes and be a sign of an eye emergency. As you age, the occasional flashes and floaters may be more common—however, a sudden appearance is your clue to reach out to your eye doctor.

Flashes can happen in one or both of your eyes and come in different shapes. The frequency can vary and can signal an eye emergency.

Floaters appear as small lines or cobwebs in your field of vision. While appearing to be in your central vision, floaters are composed of tiny clumps of gel or cells. Floaters can also sometimes appear with flashes of light, and a sudden onset can signal an eye emergency.

You should get in contact with us for emergency eye care if:

  • You notice random new floaters
  • You have an increased amount of flashes
  • A grey curtain covers part of your vision
  • A shadow appears in your peripheral vision

Chemical eye injuries can happen around the house from tasks as simple as cleaning or working on your garden. Chemicals from cleaning products, garden chemicals, and industrial chemicals can spill or get in your eyes.

The following steps should be followed if you get chemicals in your eyes:

  • Wash your hands with soap and cool water thoroughly.
  • Turn your head, so the affected eye is down and to the side.
  • Hold the affected eyelid open and flush it out with clean tap water for 15 minutes.

Neglecting proper treatment for chemical eye injuries can cause serious damage, and seeking medical attention as soon as possible is essential.

A cut or scratch to your eyeballs or eyelids can indicate the need for urgent medical care. Your eyes are sensitive to trauma. Applying a loose bandage in the moment while you wait for medical attention can help preserve your vision—it’s important not to apply too much pressure.

Small foreign objects such as sand or dust can get in your eyes and cause discomfort. Small foreign objects usually aren’t a huge concern, but there are steps you can follow to manage irritation:

  • Avoid rubbing your eye and try blinking to see if it clears up
  • Wash your hands and look into your eye to try to locate the object
  • Use artificial tear eye drops to help rinse out the debris
  • Flush your eyes with cool water
  • Contact us for emergency eye care if irritation continues

Large foreign objects such as glass or metal pose a larger threat if they get stuck in your eyes. These larger objects can cause severe damage, so seeking medical attention as soon as possible is essential.

It’s crucial not to touch the object, apply pressure, or attempt to remove it before you can get emergency medical care.

Dedicated Emergency Eye Care

Maintaining your eye health at all times is important, and at Oxford Optometry, we put your safety first. Knowing some basic care steps prior to getting emergency eye care can make a difference in preserving your vision.

Contact an emergency department if you experience an eye emergency and get the eye care you need.

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