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Hard to Fit Contact Lenses from Oxford Optometry

Wearing contact lenses to correct your vision is challenging when you have hard to fit eyes. By working with an optometrist at Oxford Optometry, you obtain the right type of lenses to correct your vision without discomfort or complications.

hard to fit contact lenses from your optometrist in woodstock

Going Through the Exam Process

The exam process in our clinic focuses on proper vision care after evaluating your eyes. During the initial exam, we check for changes to your vision and the possible problems you may face when correcting your vision. Our vision care depends on your situation, so we focus on identifying potential concerns before recommending lenses.

After clarifying your current vision, we measure your eyes and check for abnormalities that may impact your ability to wear contact lenses. Generally, we look for astigmatism, complications with the shape of your eyes, an eye condition that may complicate your treatment or changes that occur as part of normal aging. Only when we have a clear idea of your specific needs through a comprehensive exam process will we recommend different lenses for your eyes.

What are Hard to Fit Contacts?

Hard to fit contact lenses differ from other options because they help with specific concerns or problems. Common types of hard to fit contacts include:

  • Toric lenses, which help when you have astigmatism
  • Bifocal lenses, which are designed for changes in your vision that require bifocal glasses or contact lenses
  • Gas permeable lenses, which help when you have an abnormal shape to your eyes
  • Scleral contacts, which cover a larger portion of your eyes and prevent the movement of your lenses when you blink
  • Hybrid lenses, which combine scleral contacts with gas permeable lenses
  • Contacts for dry eyes

The specialized lenses that fit your visual needs depend on the concerns that impact your eye health. At our clinic, we identify potential problems and recommend a treatment after clarifying your situation. We focus on lenses that fit your eyes and correct your vision without feeling uncomfortable when you wear the lenses.

Finding the Right Options for your Eye Care

The right contact lenses for your eye care at Oxford Optometry depend on your vision. In our clinic, we identify your concerns before recommending lenses to address the problem.

An optometrist evaluates your eyes and looks for complications that may make your lenses uncomfortable. We then recommend lenses that fit your eyes or address the specific concern that makes your contacts uncomfortable. Our focus is your eye health and we offer a variety of options to correct your vision when a problem develops. In some situations, we may recommend a few different options and encourage you to try different contacts to identify the lenses that feel comfortable, correct your vision and do not cause problems when you wear them for an extended period.

Call Our Optometrist in Woodstock Today!

Hard to fit contacts are an essential part of correcting your vision without traditional glasses. When you decide to wear contact lenses to correct your vision and keep your eyes healthy, you want to clarify the right options for your eyes. In our clinic, we help you find lenses that fit your eyes and do not cause problems throughout the day. To learn more about correcting your vision with contacts or to set up an appointment with our optometrist in Woodstock, call 519-421-3303 today.

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